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Team results

A High School team from Minnesota

Viewing results from 2022-2023. Change season:

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
1Eagan Wildcat Invitational1088
1Moorhead Speech Invitational479
1Lakeville North Speech Tournament1560
1MSHSL State Speech Tournament (AA)87
1MSHSL Section 8AA150
251st Chuck Beckman Memorial 193
2The Minneapple Speech Tournament394
2East Ridge Raptor Tournament 2023540
2Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic1338
253rd Annual Bloomington Tournament517
3Chanhassen Speech Tournament187
4Stillwater/Mounds Park Academy Tournament494

Competitor results

51st Chuck Beckman Memorial - Final results
Harper Wilson1Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Isaac Leiseth1Varsity Creative Expressions (CR)Varsity
Peyton Mestery1Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Davie Judd2Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Sam Rein-Strutz2Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Sergio Guerrero-Belmar2Varsity Creative Expressions (CR)Varsity
Davie Judd3Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Larkyn Kellen3Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
J Percy4Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Tristan Sullivan4Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Charley Weaver6Varsity Creative Expressions (CR)Varsity
51st Chuck Beckman Memorial - Next-in Final results
Allie Skauge2Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Spheria Shores2Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Zoe Fatland2Varsity Creative Expressions (CR)Varsity
Ella Larson and Jack Simon3Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Malik Smith3Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Haley DeSmith4Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Menkayla Kruah5Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Isaac Leiseth and Malik Smith6Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
51st Chuck Beckman Memorial - Merit Final results
Yuri Orth1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
53rd Annual Bloomington Tournament - Final results
Ava Sticka1Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Chase Schmidt1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Eleanor Culloton1Informative (INF)Varsity
Ethan Larson1Poetry (POE)Varsity
Chase Schmidt2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Davie Judd2Poetry (POE)Novice
Macy Larson2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Amelia Bailly3Poetry (POE)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ethan Larson3Creative (CrX)Varsity
Macy Larson4Prose (PRO)Varsity
Nikolas Dahmen4Informative (INF)Varsity
Nona Harrison4Creative (CrX)Varsity
Layla Eisenzimmer and Macy Larson5Duo (DUO)Varsity
Malik Smith6Prose (PRO)Varsity
Ally Harvala and Thea KunkaFin.Duo (DUO)Varsity
Evan FroslieFin.Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Kendra MachartFin.Prose (PRO)Varsity
53rd Annual Bloomington Tournament - Novice Final results
Parker Byrnes1Storytelling (STY)Novice
Allie Skauge2Informative (INF)Novice
Ella Larson and Jack Simon2Duo (DUO)Novice
Menkayla Kruah2Prose (PRO)Novice
Tristan Sullivan2Poetry (POE)Novice
Harper Wilson3Informative (INF)Novice
J Percy4Oratory (OO)Novice
Thea Kunka4Prose (PRO)Novice
Sergio Guerrero-Belmar5Creative (CrX)Novice
Larkyn Kellen6International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Novice
53rd Annual Bloomington Tournament - Next-in Final results
Ally Harvala2Humorous (HI)Varsity
Ava Sticka2Poetry (POE)Varsity
Nona Harrison2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Nikolas Dahmen3Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Tim Gabbard3Poetry (POE)Varsity
Spheria Shores4Storytelling (STY)Novice
Isaac Leiseth5Creative (CrX)Varsity
Luc duCharme5Prose (PRO)Varsity
Peyton Mestery5Oratory (OO)Varsity
Malik Smith6Poetry (POE)Varsity
Chanhassen Speech Tournament - Final results
Luc duCharme1Novice Prose (Pro)Novice
Tate Horan1Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Ava Sticka2Novice Poetry (Poet)Novice
Chase Schmidt2Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele2Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad3Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol3Varsity Drama Duo (DUO)Varsity
Ella Larson and Jack Simon3Novice Drama Duo (DUO)Novice
J Percy3Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Spheria Shores3Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Lucie Swanson4Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Macy Larson4Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad5Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch5Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Larkyn Kellen5Novice Intl Extemp Speaking (IX)Novice
Malik Smith5Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Ethan Larson6Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Gunnar Thomasson6Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
Leif Carlson6Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Nona Harrison6Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Rosalie East6Novice Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Ara WarrenFin.Novice Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Kylee Fischer-FleischfresserFin.Novice Poetry (Poet)Novice
Davie JuddFin.Novice Poetry (Poet)Novice
Sophia DehmerFin.Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Charley WeaverFin.Novice Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Harper WilsonFin.Novice Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Menkayla KruahFin.Novice Prose (Pro)Novice
Allie SkaugeFin.Novice Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Tristan SullivanFin.Novice Poetry (Poet)Novice
Adeline SheldonFin.Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Yuri OrthFin.Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Zoe FatlandFin.Novice Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Vance KroetchFin.Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Parker ByrnesFin.Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Thea KunkaFin.Novice Prose (Pro)Novice
Alivia MiosekFin.Novice Prose (Pro)Novice
Kenzie HarelandFin.Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
Chanhassen Speech Tournament - Next-in Final results
Amelia Bailly1Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Emmett Martens1Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Finn Larson1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Greta Homuth1Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson1Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Nona Harrison1Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Elise Halvorson2Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ethan Larson2Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Sam Schaefer2Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Ally Harvala3Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele4P.O.I. (POI)Varsity
Maya Weiler4Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Evan Froslie5Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Jeana Lee6Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Tim Gabbard6Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Chanhassen Speech Tournament - Merit Final results
Olivia Kelly4Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Elise Halvorson6Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Chanhassen Speech Tournament - Consolation Final results
Nikolas Dahmen3Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Final results
Andrina Rockstad1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
CeCe Bedore1Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Chase Schmidt1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Greta Homuth1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson1Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Tate Horan1Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad2Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
India Carlson2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Leif Carlson2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Olivia Dahlberg2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Ethan Larson3Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jack Nichol3Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Sam Schaefer3Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Finn Larson and Leif Carlson4Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Macy Larson4Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Tate Horan4Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele5Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Jinu Lee5Ext. Speaking-Domestic (DX)Varsity
Luc duCharme5Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Nona Harrison5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Ally Harvala and Thea Kunka6Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Finn Larson6Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Jeana Lee6Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Maya Weiler6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Next-in Final results
Ally Harvala1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch and Sam Schaefer1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Emma Andersen1Ext. Reading (ER)Varsity
Ethan Larson1Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Evan Froslie1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Finn Larson1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Davie Judd2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Evan Froslie2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Maya Weiler2Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Nona Harrison2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Chase Schmidt3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele3Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Harper Wilson3Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Sergio Guerrero-Belmar3Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Amelia Bailly4Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Kendra Machart4Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Luc duCharme6Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Merit Final results
Tim Gabbard2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Eleanor Culloton3Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Amelia Bailly4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Malik Smith4Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Consolation Final results
Lucie Swanson2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Tim Gabbard2Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Elise Halvorson3Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Isaac Leiseth3Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Kendra Machart3Ext. Reading (ER)Varsity
Macy Larson3Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Olivia Kelly3Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Malik Smith4Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Elise Halvorson5Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
East Ridge Raptor Tournament 2023 - Final results
Andrina Rockstad1Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg1Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Sergio Guerrero-Belmar1Novice Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Amelia Bailly2Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
CeCe Bedore2Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Chase Schmidt2Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Greta Homuth2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele2Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
Ethan Larson3Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele3Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Lucie Swanson3Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Macy Larson3Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Olivia Kelly3Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Tate Horan3Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Ava Sticka4Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
India Carlson5Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch and Sam Schaefer6Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Ethan Larson6Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Evan Froslie6Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Luc duCharme6Novice Prose (PRO)Novice
East Ridge Raptor Tournament 2023 - Next-in Final results
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol1Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Elise Halvorson1Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Leif Carlson1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Olivia Dahlberg1Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Ally Harvala2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Ava Sticka2Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Chase Schmidt2Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Emma Andersen2Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Isaac Leiseth3Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Tate Horan3Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
Tim Gabbard3Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Kendra Machart4Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
Finn Larson5Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Jack Nichol6Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Layla Eisenzimmer and Macy Larson6Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Malik Smith6Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
East Ridge Raptor Tournament 2023 - Merit Final results
Hameedah Oladele1Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson3Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Lakeville North Speech Tournament - Final results
Amelia Bailly1Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Elise Halvorson1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Greta Homuth1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele1Prose (Pro)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson1Informative (Info)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Emma Andersen2Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Olivia Dahlberg2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Eleanor Culloton3Informative (Info)Varsity
Ethan Larson3Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele3Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Leif Carlson3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Tate Horan3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
CeCe Bedore4Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Chase Schmidt4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Finn Larson and Leif Carlson4Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Macy Larson4Prose (Pro)Varsity
Nona Harrison4Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad5Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Chase Schmidt5Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Eleanor Culloton5Prose (Pro)Varsity
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol6Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Lucie Swanson6Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Lakeville North Speech Tournament - Next-in Final results
Ethan Larson1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jack Nichol1Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch and Sam Schaefer2Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Evan Froslie2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Tate Horan2Prose (Pro)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Tim Gabbard3Poetry (Poet)Varsity
India Carlson4Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Macy Larson4Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ava Sticka5Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Finn Larson5Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson and Maya Weiler6Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Lakeville North Speech Tournament - Merit Final results
Emma Andersen1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Moorhead Speech Invitational - Final results
Chase Schmidt1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Ethan Larson1Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Luc duCharme1Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Andrina Rockstad2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele2Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Jinu Lee2Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Nona Harrison2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Nona Harrison2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Tate Horan2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Tate Horan2Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
CeCe Bedore3Extemporaneous Musical Theater (MusTh)Varsity
Eleanor Culloton3Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Finn Larson3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Greta Homuth3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson and Maya Weiler3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Lucie Swanson3Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Macy Larson3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Amelia Bailly4Extemporaneous Musical Theater (MusTh)Varsity
Amelia Bailly4Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Ava Sticka4Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Eleanor Culloton4Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Elise Halvorson4Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ethan Larson4Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Evan Froslie4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Haley DeSmith4Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Malik Smith4Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Chase Schmidt5Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Emma Andersen5Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Olivia Dahlberg5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Aiden Williams6Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad6Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Davie Judd6Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
India Carlson6Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Leif Carlson6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Moorhead Speech Invitational - Next-in Final results
Ashlyn Kanuch1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Emma Andersen1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson1Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Evan Froslie3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Thea Kunka3Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Jeana Lee4Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Peyton Mestry4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ally Harvala5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
MSHSL Section 8AA - Final results
Chase Schmidt1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Finn Larson1Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele1Oratory (OO)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson1Informative (INF)Varsity
Leif Carlson1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Macy Larson1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Olivia Kelly1Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Sergio Guerrero-Belmar1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Tate Horan1Humor (HI)Varsity
Amelia Bailly2Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Davie Judd2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Eleanor Culloton2Informative (INF)Varsity
Evan Froslie2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg2Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Jeana Lee2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jinu Lee2Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Sam Schaefer2Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch3Humor (HI)Varsity
Elise Halvorson3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Emma Andersen3Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Luc duCharme3Prose (PRO)Varsity
Maya Weiler3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Nikolas Dahmen3Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Nona Harrison3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol4Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Harper Wilson4Informative (INF)Varsity
India Carlson4Prose (PRO)Varsity
Ava Sticka5Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Ethan Larson5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Larkyn Kellen5Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Peyton Mestery5Oratory (OO)Varsity
Tim Gabbard5Prose (PRO)Varsity
Ally Harvala and Thea Kunka6Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Isaac Leiseth6Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Lucie Swanson6Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Malik Smith6Prose (PRO)Varsity
MSHSL State Speech Tournament (AA) - Final results
Chase Schmidt1Storytelling (STY)Championship
Finn Larson1Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Leif Carlson1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Tate Horan1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Amelia Bailly2Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Andrina Rockstad2Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg2Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Hameedah Oladele3Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Karena Joy Christenson3Informative Speaking (INF)Championship
Macy Larson3Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Sergio Guerrero-Belmar5Creative Expression (CrX)Championship
Maya Weiler6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Nona Harrison6Storytelling (STY)Championship
Luc duCharmeFin.Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
Sam SchaeferFin.Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Elise HalvorsonFin.Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Evan FroslieFin.Storytelling (STY)Championship
National Individual Events Tournament of Champions - Final results
Greta Homuth1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Bid
Hameedah Oladele2Original Oratory (OO)Automatic Qualifier
Karena Joy Christenson3Informative Speaking (INF)Bid
Tate Horan3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Bid
Finn Larson and Leif Carlson4Duo Interpretation (DUO)Bid
Jack Nichol5Program Oral Interp (POI)Bid
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol6Duo Interpretation (DUO)Automatic Qualifier
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Final results
Greta Homuth1Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Jack Nichol1Championship Program of Oral Interpretation (POI)Championship
Tate Horan1Championship Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
Tim Gabbard1Open Poetry Reading (POE)Open
Amelia Bailly2Championship Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Davie Judd2Open Poetry Reading (POE)Open
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg2Championship Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Hameedah Oladele2Championship Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
India Carlson2Championship Program of Oral Interpretation (POI)Championship
Macy Larson2Championship Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Maya Weiler2Championship Informative Speaking (INF)Championship
Andrina Rockstad3Championship Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Olivia Dahlberg3Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Tim Gabbard3Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Ashlyn Kanuch4Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol4Championship Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Luc duCharme4Open Humorous Interpretation (HI)Open
Chase Schmidt5Championship Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Ethan Larson5Championship Creative Expression (CrX)Championship
Karena Joy Christenson and Maya Weiler5Championship Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Luc duCharme5Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Macy Larson5Championship Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
Allie Skauge6Open Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Kendra Machart6Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Finn Larson and Leif Carlson6Championship Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Nikolas Dahmen6Championship Discussion (DIS)Championship
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Next-in Final results
Haley DeSmith1Open Discussion (DIS)Open
Hameedah Oladele1Championship Program of Oral Interpretation (POI)Championship
Kendra Machart1Open Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Open
Lucie Swanson1Championship Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Sergio Guerrero-Belmar1Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Ashlyn Kanuch and Sam Schaefer2Championship Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Ethan Larson2Championship Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Leif Carlson3Championship Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Chase Schmidt5Championship Storytelling (STY)Championship
Hameedah Oladele5Championship Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Isaac Leiseth5Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Sam Rein-Strutz5Open US Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Open
Tate Horan5Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Jack Simon6Open Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Open
Larkyn Kellen6Open Int'l Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Open
Malik Smith6Championship Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Merit Final results
J Percy3Open Original Oratory (OO)Open
Olivia Kelly4Championship Discussion (DIS)Championship
Nikolas Dahmen5Championship Informative Speaking (INF)Championship
Elise Halvorson6Championship Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Stillwater/Mounds Park Academy Tournament - Final results
Amelia Bailly1Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Emma Andersen1Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Finn Larson1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Chase Schmidt2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Ethan Larson2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele2Programmed Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Elise Halvorson3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Greta Homuth3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Nona Harrison4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Tate Horan4Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad5Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch6Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Sam Schaefer6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Stillwater/Mounds Park Academy Tournament - Next-in Final results
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
India Carlson1Programmed Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson2Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Evan Froslie3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Maya Weiler3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Elise Halvorson4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Stillwater/Mounds Park Academy Tournament - Merit Final results
Olivia Kelly1Discussion (DIS)Varsity
The Minneapple Speech Tournament - Final results
Chase Schmidt1Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele1Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Menkayla Kruah1Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Tate Horan1Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Chase Schmidt2Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Davie Judd2Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg2Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Greta Homuth2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad3Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ethan Larson3Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Finn Larson3Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Parker Byrnes3Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Tristan Sullivan3Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Allie Skauge4Novice Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Ella Larson and Jack Simon4Novice Duo Interpretation (DUO)Novice
Emma Andersen4Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele4Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Evan Froslie5Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Macy Larson5Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ashlyn Kanuch and Sam Schaefer6Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Eleanor Culloton6Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Nikolas Dahmen6Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Sam Schaefer6Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Spheria Shores6Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice

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