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Team results

A High School team from Indiana

Viewing results from 2021-2022. Change season:

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
1Plymouth HS Novice Festival92
1Concord High School Speech Meet235
2Warsaw High School Invitational122
3Munster Varsity Speech Meet55

Competitor results

Carol Anders Memorial Asynchronous Wrap-Up Tournament - Final results
Autumn Baird1Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Claire Lewandowski1Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Emily Garcia1Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Gloria Sullivan1Novice Original Performance (OP)Novice
Gloria Sullivan1Novice Programmed Oral Interp (POI)Novice
Katie Fritz1Novice Informative (Info)Novice
Maddie Harness1Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Lylianah Seidelmann and Madelyn Hutchings1Novice Duo Interpretation (Memorized) (MD)Novice
Mairin Mendoza1Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Meg Meredith Robinson1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Natalhy DeLeon1Novice Public Address (PubAd)Novice
Quentin Barker1Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Amber Schraymeyer2Novice Public Address (PubAd)Novice
Angel Oviedo and Estela Mendez2Novice Duo Interpretation (Memorized) (MD)Novice
Anne Blake2Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Claire Lewandowski2Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Estela Mendez2Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Graison Ray2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Maddie Harness2Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Megyn Mann2Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Graison Ray and Nathan Filson2Varsity Duo Interpretation (Memorized) (MD)Varsity
Quentin Barker2Varsity Programmed Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Autumn Baird3Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Emily Garcia3Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Katie Fritz3Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Mairin Mendoza3Novice Public Address (PubAd)Novice
Nathan Filson3Varsity Broadcasting (BR)Varsity
Robert Hostetler3Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Angel Oviedo4Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Garrett Bicknell4Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
William Kingston4Novice Public Address (PubAd)Novice
Addie Kingston5Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Anne Blake5Varsity Programmed Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Dariel Herrera5Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Garrett Bicknell5Varsity Original Performance (OP)Varsity
Oscar Huizar5Novice Public Address (PubAd)Novice
Zane Lark6Novice Public Address (PubAd)Novice
Concord High School Speech Meet - Final results
Addie Kingston and Meghan Hartz1Varsity Duo (DUO)Varsity
Aiden Ruiz1Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Brice Hoover1Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Claire Lewandowski1Combined Drama (DI)Novice
Garrett Bicknell1Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Gloria Sullivan1Novice P.O.I. (POI)Novice
Katie Fritz1Combined Informative (Info)Novice
Lylianah Seidelmann and Madelyn Hutchings1Novice Duo (DUO)Novice
Megyn Mann1Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Quentin Barker1Varsity P.O.I. (POI)Varsity
Addie Kingston2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Alex DeJarnatt2Combined Drama (DI)Varsity
Claire Lewandowski2Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Garrett Bicknell2Varsity Original Performance (OP)Varsity
Jordon Nethercutt2Novice P.O.I. (POI)Novice
Maddie Harness2Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Megyn Mann2Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Robert Hostetler2Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Angel Oviedo and Estela Mendez3Novice Duo (DUO)Novice
Anne Blake3Varsity P.O.I. (POI)Varsity
Autumn Baird3Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Cassidy Riddle3Varsity Extemp (EXT)Varsity
Cassidy Riddle3Varsity Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Dariel Herrera3Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Joy Everett3Novice Extemp (EXT)Novice
Maddie Harness3Combined Drama (DI)Novice
Meghan Hartz3Varsity Original Performance (OP)Varsity
Quentin Barker3Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Aiden Ruiz4Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Autumn Baird4Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Dariel Herrera4Novice Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Novice
Graison Ray4Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Katie Fritz4Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Nathan Filson4Varsity Broadcasting (BR)Varsity
Anne Blake5Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Angel Oviedo6Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Kyle Van Meter6Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Emily GarciaFin.Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Estela MendezFin.Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Jordon NethercuttFin.Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Munster Varsity Speech Meet - Final results
Autumn Baird1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Meg Meredith Robinson1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Meg Meredith Robinson1Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Addie Kingston2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Nathan Filson2Radio Speaking (RS)Varsity
Quentin Barker2POI (POI)Varsity
Anne Blake4POI (POI)Varsity
Autumn Baird4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Graison Ray4Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Mairin Mendoza4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Megyn Mann4Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Gloria Sullivan5POI (POI)Varsity
Megyn Mann5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Claire Lewandowski6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Emily Garcia6Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Gloria Sullivan6Original Performance (OP)Varsity
Graison Ray and Nathan Filson6Duo (MD)Varsity
Quentin Barker6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Munster Varsity Speech Meet - Next-in Final results
Robert Hostetler2Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Aiden Ruiz4Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Plymouth HS Novice Festival - Final results
Brice Hoover1Scripted Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Claire Lewandowski1Scripted Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Gloria Sullivan1Programmed Oral Interp (POI)Novice
Joy Everett1Combined Extemp (EXT)Novice
Katie Fritz1Scripted Informative Speaking (Info)Novice
Maddie Harness1Scripted Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Mairin Mendoza1Broadcasting (BR)Novice
Mairin Mendoza1Prose (Pro)Novice
Angel Oviedo and Estela Mendez2Scripted Duo (SD)Novice
Claire Lewandowski2Scripted Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Katie Fritz2Scripted Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Maddie Harness2Scripted Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Robert Hostetler2Poetry (Poet)Novice
Dariel Herrera3Scripted Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Estela Mendez3Prose (Pro)Novice
Jordon Nethercutt3Broadcasting (BR)Novice
Aiden Ruiz4Poetry (Poet)Novice
Ana Slattery5Combined Extemp (EXT)Novice
Angel Oviedo5Prose (Pro)Novice
Dariel Herrera5Impromptu (IMP)Novice
Blake Mackey6Broadcasting (BR)Novice
Plymouth Speech Tournament (formerly Elkhart) - Final results
Gloria Sullivan1Varsity Original Performance (OP)Novice
Gloria Sullivan1Varsity P.O.I. (POI)Novice
Katie Fritz1Varsity Informative (Info)Novice
Lylianah Seidelmann and Madelyn Hutchings1Varsity Duo (DUO)Novice
Meg Meredith Robinson1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Autumn Baird2Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Claire Lewandowski2Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Claire Lewandowski2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Emily Garcia2Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Mairin Mendoza2Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Graison Ray and Nathan Filson2Varsity Duo (DUO)Varsity
Oscar Huizar2Varsity Informative (Info)Novice
Quentin Barker2Varsity P.O.I. (POI)Varsity
Alex DeJarnatt3Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Brice Hoover3Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Dariel Herrera3Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Quentin Barker3Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Aiden Ruiz4Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Angel Oviedo and Estela Mendez4Varsity Duo (DUO)Novice
Aiden Ruiz5Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Autumn Baird5Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Dariel Herrera5Varsity Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Novice
Jordon Nethercutt5Varsity P.O.I. (POI)Novice
Maddie Harness5Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Nathan Filson5Varsity Broadcasting (BR)Varsity
Graison Ray6Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Katie Fritz6Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Addie KingstonFin.Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Angel OviedoFin.Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Maddie HarnessFin.Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Estela MendezFin.Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Jordon NethercuttFin.Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Kyle Van MeterFin.Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Warsaw High School Invitational - Final results
Autumn Baird and Quentin Barker1Combined Duo (DUO)Varsity
Autumn Baird1Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Cassidy Riddle1Combined Impromptu (IMP)Varsity
Meg Meredith Robinson1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Quentin Barker1Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Emily Garcia2Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Meg Meredith Robinson2Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Addie Kingston and Meghan Hartz3Combined Duo (DUO)Varsity
Cassidy Riddle3International Extemp (IX)Varsity
Addie Kingston4Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Anne Blake4Combined Informative (Info)Varsity
Autumn Baird4Combined Oratory (OO)Varsity
Maddie Harness4Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Lylianah Seidelmann and Madelyn Hutchings4Combined Duo (DUO)Varsity
Aiden Ruiz and Alex DeJarnatt5Combined Duo (DUO)Varsity
Anne Blake5Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Dariel Herrera5Combined Oratory (OO)Varsity
Katie Fritz5Combined Informative (Info)Varsity
Mairin Mendoza5Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Quentin Barker5Combined P.O.I. (POI)Varsity
Robert Hostetler5Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Lylianah Seidelmann and Madelyn Hutchings6Varsity Original Performance (OPERF)Varsity

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