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Team results

A High School team from Minnesota

Viewing results from 2017-2018. Change season:

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
1MSHSL Section 6AA Tournament101
1Lakeville North156
1Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic980
2Eagan Wildcat Invitational440
3Centennial Cougar Invitational136
3Chanhassen High School Speech Tournament166
448th Annual Bloomington Tournament406
514th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational256
5Minneapple Speech Tournament261

Competitor results

14th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational - Final results
Tim Morgenstern1Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Mimi Le4Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Rohan Vij4Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Nikhil KapurFin.Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
14th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational - Novice Final results
Brianna Cairns1Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Hanna Olson and Thor Reimann1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Novice
Vikash Giritharan1Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Novice
Ella Erdahl2Storytelling (STY)Novice
Akshara Molleti3Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Lilli Nikolova3Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Novice
Rashmika Cheekati3Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Natalie Browne4Discussion (DIS)Novice
Hannah Scholen5Storytelling (STY)Novice
Svea Hagen5Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Novice
Donnovin No6Discussion (DIS)Novice
Nate Krekeler6Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Udaya GadaparthiFin.Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Novice
14th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational - Next-in Final results
Jordan Homstad1Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Saumith Bachigari1Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Sony Kika1Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Connor Block2Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Joy Tang2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Tim Morgenstern2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Mai Matsuhashi3Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Sanjana Molleti3Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Owen Bersie6Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
14th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational - Merit Final results
Karly Beaumont3Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
48th Annual Bloomington Tournament - Final results
Bridget Benson1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Jake Lieder and Joey Mayer2Duo (DUO)Varsity
Ross Abram2International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Ada Erdahl4Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Campbell Bernstein4Creative (CrX)Varsity
Karly Beaumont5International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Mai Matsuhashi5Prose (PRO)Varsity
Mimi Le5Creative (CrX)Varsity
Dominic Tovsen6Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Ibti Mohamed6Poetry (POE)Varsity
Megan Bateman6Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Nolan Bessler6Impromptu (IMP)Varsity
48th Annual Bloomington Tournament - Next-in Final results
Tim Morgenstern1Creative (CrX)Varsity
Tim Morgenstern1Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Anshuman Balaji2Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Nolan Bessler2Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking (DX)Varsity
Yeno Hakim2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Hadley Ott3Poetry (POE)Varsity
Jake Lieder3Drama (DI)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke3Creative (CrX)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke3Humorous (HI)Varsity
Yasmin Afifi3International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Campbell Bernstein4Humorous (HI)Varsity
Ella Erdahl4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Mallory Knutson4Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Yeno Hakim4Poetry (POE)Varsity
Victoria Nikonov 5Oratory (OO)Varsity
Chloe Carson6Humorous (HI)Varsity
Centennial Cougar Invitational - Final results
Valerie Nguyen2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Joy Tang3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Sony Kika3Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Katelyn Svaren4Prose (Pro)Varsity
Adhvika Malarvannan5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Natalie Boland5Informative (Info)Varsity
Alli Hering6Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Julia Nelson6Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Natalie Browne6Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Mackenzie DonaisFin.Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Centennial Cougar Invitational - Next-in Final results
Hanna Scholen1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Jordan Homstad3Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Meghana Anireddy3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Brianna Cairns4Informative (Info)Varsity
Elise Noonan4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Svea Hagen4Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Marcus Schaefer5Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Akshara MolletiFin.Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Centennial Cougar Invitational - Merit Final results
Hanisa Pasupuleti1Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Mackenzie Donais1Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Nikhil Kapur1Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Rashmika Cheekati1Informative (Info)Varsity
Sydney St. Clair1Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Chanhassen High School Speech Tournament - Final results
Campbell Bernstein1Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jordan Homstad1Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Olivia Beach1Novice Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Novice
Hanna Olson and Thor Reimann1Novice Dramatic Duo (DUO)Novice
Akshara Molleti2Novice Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Brianna Cairns2Novice Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Natalie Browne2Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
Ella Erdahl3Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Jake Lieder3Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Lilli Nikolova3Novice Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Novice
Megan Bateman3Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Tim Morgenstern3Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Donnovin No4Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
Julia Nelson4Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Valerie Nguyen4Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Akansha Kamineni5Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Bridget Benson5Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Jordan Arntz5Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Elise Noonan6Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Esha Rao6Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Mariam Alaraji6Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
Stephen Smith6Novice Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Novice
Sebastian MatteFin.Novice Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Svea HagenFin.Novice Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Novice
Chanhassen High School Speech Tournament - Next-in Final results
Fahan Amin1Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Ross Abram2Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Katie DeWitt3Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Dominic Tovsen4Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Harika Thota4Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Mallory Knutson4Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Rohan Vij4Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Anshumon Balaji5Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Connor Block5Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Mai Matsuhashi6Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Yasmin Afifi6Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Chanhassen High School Speech Tournament - Merit Final results
Chloe Carson3Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Chanhassen High School Speech Tournament - Consolation Final results
Campbell Bernstein4Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Final results
Jessie Luevano1Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Ella Erdahl3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Mimi Le3Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Akansha Kamineni4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Sony Kika4Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Connor Block5Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Jordan Homstad5Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Joy Tang5Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Julia Nelson6Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Nikhil Kapur6Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Fahan AminFin.Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Next-in Final results
Dominic Tovsen2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Marcus Schaefer2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Jordan Arntz4Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Hanna Olson and Thor Reimann4Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Katelyn Svaren5Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Mackenzie Donais5Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Mai Matsuhashi6Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Saumith Bachigari6Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Udaya GadaparthiFin.Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Lakeville North - Final results
Ada Erdahl1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ross Abram1Impromptu (IMP)Varsity
Ross Abram1International Extemp (IX)Varsity
Campbell Bernstein2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Olivia Beach2Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke4Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Max Schaefer4International Extemp (IX)Varsity
Bridget Benson5Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Sony Kika5Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Viraj Rajanayagam6Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Marshall Speech Spectacular - Final results
Campbell Bernstein1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jessie Luevano3Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Ross Abram3Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Dominic Tovsen4Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Bridget Benson5Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke5Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Jake Lieder and Joey Mayer5Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Jordan Adams5Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Mallory Knutson6Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Minneapple Speech Tournament - Final results
Jordan Homstad1Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Ross Abram1Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Hanna Olson and Thor Reimann1Novice Duo Interpretation (DUO)Novice
Akshara Molleti2Novice Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Bridget Benson2Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke2Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jessie Luevano3Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Mallory Knutson3Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Marcus Schaefer3Novice Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Olivia Beach3Novice Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Novice
Meghana Anireddy4Novice Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Vikash Giritharan4Novice Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Novice
Ella Erdahl5Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Svea Hagen5Novice Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Novice
Udaya Gadaparthi5Novice Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Novice
Akansha Kamineni6Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Jake Lieder6Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Jake Lieder and Joey Mayer6Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Mariam Al Araji6Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
MSHSL Section 6AA Tournament - Final results
Campbell Bernstein1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Chloe Carson1Humorous Interp (HI)Varsity
Jordan Homstad1Extemp Reading (ER)Varsity
Ross Abram1Extemp Speaking (ES)Varsity
Ada Erdahl2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ella Erdahl2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Jessie Luevano2Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jake Lieder and Joey Mayer2Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Mackenzie Donais2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Megan Bateman2Extemp Reading (ER)Varsity
Yeno Hakim2Poetry (POE)Varsity
Mimi Le3Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Olivia Beach3Extemp Reading (ER)Varsity
Hanna Olson and Thor Reimann3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Alli Hering4Extemp Speaking (ES)Varsity
Jordan Adams4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Jordan Arntz4Prose (PRO)Varsity
Sony Kika4Poetry (POE)Varsity
Bridget Benson5Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Julia Nelson5Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Natalie Browne5Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Sanjana Molleti5Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Fahan Amin6Poetry (POE)Varsity
Joy Tang6Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Victoria Nikonov 6Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Mallory KnutsonFin.Extemp Reading (ER)Varsity
Valerie NguyenFin.Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Rosebowl - Final results
Campbell Bernstein1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Ross Abram1Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Yeno Hakim1Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Bridget Benson2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Joelle Gehrke2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jake Lieder and Joey Mayer2Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Sony Kika2Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Mallory Knutson4Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Campbell Bernstein5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Katie DeWitt5Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Rosebowl - Next-in Final results
Elizabeth Oberle1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Mackenzie Donais1Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Jordan Arntz2Prose (Pro)Varsity
Tim Morgenstern2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jordan Adams3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Max Schaefer3Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Tim Morgenstern3Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Valerie Nguyen3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Joy Tang4Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Mackenzie Donais4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Natalie Browne5Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Final results
Campbell Bernstein1Championship Creative Expression (CrX)Championship
Esha Rao1Championship Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Championship
Joy Tang1Open Great Speeches (GrSp)Open
Jyotsna Rathinam1Open US Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Open
Mimi Le1Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Nikhil Kapur1Open Int'l Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Open
Tim Morgenstern1Championship Program of Oral Interpretation (POI)Championship
Alli Hering2Open US Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Open
Campbell Bernstein2Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Jordan Homstad2Championship Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Championship
Julia Nelson2Open Great Speeches (GrSp)Open
Mai Matsuhashi2Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Max Schaefer2Championship Int'l Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Championship
Dominic Tovsen3Championship Storytelling (STY)Championship
Katie DeWitt3Championship Int'l Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Championship
Vikash Giritharan3Open US Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Open
Ella Erdahl4Championship Storytelling (STY)Championship
Jessie Luevano4Championship Discussion (DIS)Championship
Katelyn Svaren4Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Sony Kika4Open Poetry Reading (POE)Open
Svea Hagen4Open Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Open
Yeno Hakim4Championship Program of Oral Interpretation (POI)Championship
Bridget Benson5Championship Storytelling (STY)Championship
Mariam Al Araji5Open Discussion (DIS)Open
Rohan Vij5Open Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Udaya Gadaparthi5Open US Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Open
Yasmin Afifi5Championship Int'l Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Championship
Jake Lieder and Joey Mayer6Championship Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Samantha Corbett6Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Ada ErdahlFin.Championship Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Brianna CairnsFin.Open Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Victoria Nikonov Fin.Championship Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Next-in Final results
Elizabeth Oberle1Championship Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Hadley Ott1Championship Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Marcus Schaefer1Open Great Speeches (GrSp)Open
Rashmika Cheekati1Open Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Tim Morgenstern1Championship Creative Expression (CrX)Championship
Adhvika Malarvannan2Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Anshuman Balaji2Championship Discussion (DIS)Championship
Joey Mayer2Championship Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Olivia Beach2Open Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Open
Hanna Olson and Thor Reimann2Open Duo Interpretation (DUO)Open
Harika Thota3Championship US Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Championship
Max Schaefer3Championship Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Valerie Nguyen3Open Storytelling (STY)Open
Hannah Scholen4Open Storytelling (STY)Open
Jack Moody4Championship Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
Karly Beaumont4Championship Int'l Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Championship
Lilli Nikolova4Open US Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Open
Megan Bateman4Championship Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Championship
Akshara Molleti6Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Bridget Benson6Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Mackenzie Donais6Championship Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Connor BlockFin.Championship Int'l Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Championship
Fahan AminFin.Championship Poetry Reading (POE)Championship

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