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Team results

A High School team from Minnesota

Viewing results from 2020-2021. Change season:

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
1MSHSL State Speech Tournament (AA)64
1MSHSL Section 8AA 160
149th Chuck Beckman Memorial311
1Eagan Wildcat Invitational689
1East Ridge Raptor Invitational 2021519
2Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic895
251st Annual Bloomington Tournament484
3Moorhead/Woodbury Tournament 336
3Chanhassen Speech Tournament126
3Minneapple Speech Tournament 2021295
4Lakeville North92

Competitor results

49th Chuck Beckman Memorial - Final results
Amelia Bailly1Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Maya Weiler1Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad2Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Ethan Larson2Varsity Creative Expressions (CR)Varsity
Leif Carlson2Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Tate Horan2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol3Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Ethan Larson3Varsity Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Lucie Swanson3Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Macy Larson3Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ally Harvala4Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Amelia Bailly4Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Cole Schurman4Varsity Creative Expressions (CR)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele4Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
India Carlson4Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
India Carlson5Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Macalister Nelson5Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Nona Harrison5Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Olivia Kelly5Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Layla Eisenzimmer6Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
49th Chuck Beckman Memorial - Next-in Final results
CeCe Bedore1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Tate Horan1Varsity Creative Expressions (CR)Varsity
Macy Larson2Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Ally Harvala3Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Emily Walker3Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Jack Nichol3Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Jack Nichol3Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson3Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
49th Chuck Beckman Memorial - Merit Final results
Cole Schurman1Varsity Prose (Pro)Varsity
Hameedah Oladele1Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Karena Joy Christenson1Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Macalister Nelson1Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Malik Smith1Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Maya Weiler1Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
51st Annual Bloomington Tournament - Final results
Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw1Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Sophie Schulz2Oratory (OO)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff2Drama (DI)Varsity
Maret Holm3Humorous (HI)Varsity
Thalia Christenson3Poetry (POE)Varsity
Charlie Maki4Prose (PRO)Varsity
Makenzie Stockwell4Poetry (POE)Varsity
Maret Holm4Informative (INF)Varsity
Olivia Dahlberg4Humorous (HI)Varsity
Seema Mustafa4Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Colin Welna5Drama (DI)Varsity
Sophie Schulz5Prose (PRO)Varsity
Chase Schmidt6Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Martan Gregoire6Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Olivia Larson6Poetry (POE)Varsity
51st Annual Bloomington Tournament - Next-in Final results
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg1Duo (DUO)Varsity
Molly Blanchard1Creative (CrX)Varsity
Makenzie Stockwell2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
CeCe Bedore3Drama (DI)Varsity
Evie Kenkel3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Charlie Maki and Harrison Timm3Duo (DUO)Varsity
Ingrid Rygg3Humorous (HI)Varsity
Beth Stein4Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Ethan Larson4Creative (CrX)Varsity
Macy Larson4Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Martan Gregoire and Thalia Christenson4Duo (DUO)Varsity
Grace Halvorson5United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Nona Harrison5Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Tate Horan5Creative (CrX)Varsity
Iris Ming6Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Kaylin Patrick6Prose (PRO)Varsity
Maret Holm and Stella Mehlhoff6Duo (DUO)Varsity
Molly Blanchard6Storytelling (STY)Varsity
51st Annual Bloomington Tournament - Merit Final results
Maya Weiler3Oratory (OO)Varsity
51st Annual Bloomington Tournament - Consolation Final results
Stella Mehlhoff4Oratory (OO)Varsity
Chanhassen Snowvitational - Final results
Maret Holm2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Harrison Timm3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Chanhassen Speech Tournament - Final results
Harrison Timm1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Jack Nichol1Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
CeCe Bedore2Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Grace Halvorson2Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Maret Holm2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Greta Homuth3Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Hameedah Oladele3Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Ingrid Rygg3Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Olivia Larson3Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw3Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Abigail Von Bank4Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Ethan Larson4Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Leif Carlson4Novice Prose (Pro)Novice
Ryker Colton5Novice Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Iris Ming6Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Chanhassen Speech Tournament - Next-in Final results
Stella Mehlhoff1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Ingrid Rygg2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Tate Horan4Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Lily Kjos5Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Chanhassen Speech Tournament - Merit Final results
Stella Mehlhoff1Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Olivia Dahlberg2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Colin Welna3Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Maret Holm3Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Sophie Schulz6Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Chanhassen Speech Tournament - Consolation Final results
Thalia Christenson3Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Charlie Maki5Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Final results
Makenzie Stockwell1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Maret Holm1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Martan Gregoire1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw1Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Ethan Larson2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Ingrid Rygg2Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Lily Kjos2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Martan Gregoire and Thalia Christenson3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Maret Holm4Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Chase Schmidt5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Kaylin Patrick5Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
CeCe Bedore6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol6Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Next-in Final results
Charlie Maki1Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Olivia Dahlberg1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Olivia Larson1Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Tate Horan1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Amelia Bailly2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Anika Drees2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Anika Drees2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Chase Schmidt2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Iris Ming2Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Greta Homuth3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Molly Blanchard3Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Beth Stein4Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Leif Carlson4Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Thalia Christenson4Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Abigail Von Bank5Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff5Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Tate Horan5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Molly Blanchard6Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Merit Final results
India Carlson1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ingrid Rygg2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Jordan Jensen2Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Sophie Schulz3Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Makenzie Stockwell4Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Maya Weiler4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Carson Durand5Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Thalia Christenson5Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Jordan Jensen6Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Macy Larson6Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Consolation Final results
Colin Welna1Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Ethan Larson1Ext. Reading (ER)Varsity
Lily Kjos1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Abigail Von Bank2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Seema Mustafa2Ext. Reading (ER)Varsity
Sophie Schulz2Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ally Harvala4Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
India Carlson6Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Jack Nichol6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
East Ridge Raptor Invitational 2021 - Final results
CeCe Bedore1Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Martan Gregoire1Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Harrison Timm2Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Leif Carlson2Novice Prose (PRO)Novice
Lucie Swanson2Novice Poetry (POE)Novice
Macy Larson2Novice Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Thalia Christenson2Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Ingrid Rygg3Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Maya Weiler3Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Ally Harvala4Novice Prose (PRO)Novice
Grace Halvorson4Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Jack Nichol4Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Lily Kjos4Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Macalister Nelson4Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
Olivia Dahlberg4Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Olivia Larson4Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Audrey Heisler5Novice Storytelling (STY)Novice
Karena Joy Christenson5Novice Prose (PRO)Novice
Lily Kjos5Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Makenzie Stockwell5Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Abigail Von Bank6Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Anika Drees6Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Jordan Jensen6Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
Macy Larson6Novice Prose (PRO)Novice
Martan Gregoire6Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Maya Weiler6Novice Poetry (POE)Novice
Martan Gregoire and Thalia Christenson6Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Colin WelnaFin.Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Layla EisenzimmerFin.Novice Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
East Ridge Raptor Invitational 2021 - Next-in Final results
Beth Stein1Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Chase Schmidt1Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Maret Holm and Stella Mehlhoff1Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Maret Holm1Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Maret Holm1Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw1Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff1Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Makenzie Stockwell2Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff2Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Thalia Christenson3Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Amelia Bailly4Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Anika Drees4Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Charlie Maki and Harrison Timm4Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Seema Mustafa4Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Sophie Schulz4Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Sophie Schulz4Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
Carson Durand5Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Charlie Maki5Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
Chase Schmidt5Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Greta Cole5Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Abigail Von Bank6Varsity Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Beth Stein6Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Ethan Larson6Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg6Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Ethan LarsonFin.Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Kaylin PatrickFin.Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
GMU Patriot Games - Final results
Harrison Timm1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Lakeville North - Final results
Grace Halvorson1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Olivia Larson1Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw1Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Colin Welna2Prose (Pro)Varsity
Anika Drees3Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Grace Halvorson3US Extemp (DX)Varsity
Lily Kjos3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Thalia Christenson5Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Martan Gregoire and Thalia Christenson6Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Lakeville North - Next-in Final results
Beth Stein1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Harrison Timm1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Seema Mustafa1Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Martan Gregoire2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Maret Holm4Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Thalia Christenson4Informative (Info)Varsity
Greta Homuth5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Ingrid Rygg5Informative (Info)Varsity
Lily Kjos5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Charlie Maki6Prose (Pro)Varsity
Molly Blanchard6Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Lakeville North - Merit Final results
Ingrid Rygg1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Iris Ming1Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Sophie Schulz1Prose (Pro)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Jordan Jensen3Prose (Pro)Varsity
Kaylin Patrick4Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Chase Schmidt5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Olivia Larson5Prose (Pro)Varsity
Beth Stein6Extemp. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Lakeville North - Consolation Final results
Stella Mehlhoff1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Sophie Schulz6Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Minneapple Speech Tournament 2021 - Final results
CeCe Bedore1Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Macy Larson1Novice Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Maya Weiler1Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Lily Kjos2Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Lucie Swanson2Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Maret Holm2Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Layla Eisenzimmer3Novice Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Martan Gregoire3Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ally Harvala4Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Jack Nichol4Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Maret Holm4Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff4Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Beth Stein5Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Chase Schmidt5Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Kylie Edenborg5Novice Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Novice
Leif Carlson5Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Macalister Nelson5Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
Molly Darling5Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Emily Walker6Novice Discussion (DIS)Novice
Karena Joy Christenson6Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Makenzie Stockwell6Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Minneapple Speech Tournament 2021 - Novice Final results
Audrey Heisler4Varsity Storytelling (STY)Novice
Ryker Colton4Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Moorhead/Woodbury Tournament - Final results
Makenzie Stockwell1Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Olivia Larson1Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Abigail Von Bank2Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
CeCe Bedore2Novice-Fri Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice-Fri
Chase Schmidt2Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Harrison Timm2Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Maya Weiler2Novice-Fri Original Oratory (OO)Novice-Fri
Emma Pranger3Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Iris Ming3Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Leif Carlson3Novice-Fri Prose Reading (PRO)Novice-Fri
Maret Holm3Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Jack Nichol4Novice-Fri Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice-Fri
Lucie Swanson4Novice-Fri Poetry Reading (POE)Novice-Fri
Macy Larson4Novice-Fri Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice-Fri
Beth Stein5Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Ryker Colton5Novice-Fri Creative Expression (CrX)Novice-Fri
Karena Joy Christenson6Novice-Fri Prose Reading (PRO)Novice-Fri
Lily Kjos6Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Moorhead/Woodbury Tournament - Next-in Final results
Grace Halvorson1Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ingrid Rygg1Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Maret Holm1Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Molly Blanchard1Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Seema Mustafa1Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Thalia Christenson1Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Cole Schurman2Varsity Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Greta Homuth2Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Olivia Kelly2Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Ethan Larson3Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Martan Gregoire3Varsity Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Nona Harrison5Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Lily Kjos6Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Tate Horan6Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
MSHSL Section 8AA - Final results
Colin Welna1Prose (PRO)Varsity
Ethan Larson1 Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Grace Halvorson1Oratory (OO)Varsity
Greta Homuth and Olivia Dahlberg1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Harrison Timm1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Ingrid Rygg1Informative (INF)Varsity
Kaylin Patrick1Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Maret Holm1Humorous (HI)Varsity
Martan Gregoire1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Olivia Larson1Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw1Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Amelia Bailly2Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Anika Drees2Humorous (HI)Varsity
Beth Stein2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol2Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Greta Cole2Informative (INF)Varsity
India Carlson2Oratory (OO)Varsity
Makenzie Stockwell2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Seema Mustafa2Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Stella Mehlhoff2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Iris Ming3Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Jordan Jensen3Prose (PRO)Varsity
Leif Carlson3Humorous (HI)Varsity
Lily Kjos3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Macy Larson3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Maya Weiler3Oratory (OO)Varsity
Tate Horan3 Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Abigail Von Bank4Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Ally Harvala4Prose (PRO)Varsity
Charlie Maki4Oratory (OO)Varsity
Nona Harrison4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Andrina Rockstad5Informative (INF)Varsity
Molly Blanchard5 Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Sophie Schulz5Prose (PRO)Varsity
Thalia Christenson5Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Olivia Kelly6Discussion (DIS)Varsity
MSHSL State Speech Tournament (AA) - Final results
Harrison Timm1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Grace Halvorson2Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Maret Holm2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
CeCe Bedore and Jack Nichol3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw3Discussion (DIS)Championship
Olivia Larson4Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Makenzie Stockwell5Storytelling (STY)Championship
Martan Gregoire5Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Maya Weiler5Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Lily Kjos6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Seema Mustafa6Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Championship
Anika DreesFin.Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Colin WelnaFin.Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
Greta ColeFin.Informative Speaking (INF)Championship
Leif CarlsonFin.Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
National Individual Events Tournament of Champions - Final results
Harrison Timm1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Bid
Grace Halvorson2Original Oratory (OO)Automatic Qualifier
Charlie Maki and Harrison Timm3Duet Acting (DA)Bonus
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Final results
Chase Schmidt1Open Storytelling (STY)Open
Jack Nichol1Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
CeCe Bedore2Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw2Championship Discussion (DIS)Championship
Tate Horan2Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Amelia Bailly3Open Poetry Reading (POE)Open
Chase Schmidt3Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Martan Gregoire3Championship Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Maya Weiler3Open Original Oratory (OO)Open
Ethan Larson4Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Grace Halvorson4Championship US Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Championship
India Carlson4Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Kaylin Patrick4Championship Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Championship
Thalia Christenson4Championship Informative Speaking (INF)Championship
Ally Harvala5Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Ethan Larson5Open Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Open
Maya Weiler5Open Poetry Reading (POE)Open
Seema Mustafa5Championship Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Championship
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Next-in Final results
Iris Ming1Championship Discussion (DIS)Championship
Tate Horan1Open Humorous Interpretation (HI)Open
Karena Joy Christenson2Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Macy Larson2Open Great Speeches (GrSp)Open
Olivia Larson2Championship Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Stella Mehlhoff2Championship Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Leif Carlson4Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Lily Kjos4Championship Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Martan Gregoire and Thalia Christenson4Championship Duo Interpretation (DUO)Championship
Audrey Heisler5Open Storytelling (STY)Open
Cole Schurman5Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Cole Schurman5Open Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Greta Homuth5Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Lucie Swanson5Open Poetry Reading (POE)Open
Anika Drees6Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Olivia Larson6Championship Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Merit Final results
Harrison Timm1Championship Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Andrina Rockstad2Open Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Open
Grace Halvorson2Championship Original Oratory (OO)Championship
India Carlson3Open Original Oratory (OO)Open
Lily Kjos4Championship Creative Expression (CrX)Championship
Maret Holm4Championship Informative Speaking (INF)Championship
Hameedah Oladele5Open Original Oratory (OO)Open
Stella Mehlhoff5Championship Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Beth Stein6Championship Great Speeches (GrSp)Championship
Macalister Nelson6Open Original Oratory (OO)Open
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Consolation Final results
Carson Durand6Championship Discussion (DIS)Championship

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