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Team results

Lewis & Clark College
A College team from Oregon

Viewing results from 2021-2022. Change season:

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
1VFL #4152
1The Halloween Thing97
1VFL #3200
1Virginia is for Lovers Spring GMU122
2Dugaw Smelt Classic & AFA DII Fall Qualifier124
2WKU Fall Tournament 2021 IE Portion63
2National Speech Championship 2022107
2Mahaffey Memorial Forensics Tournament164
2OSU 2022 Virtual Speakeasy60
2Boxer Rebellion80
4MAFL #339
4Gone Hollywood (Synchronous)28
4MAFL #135
5Gone Hollywood (Asynchronous)16
6American Forensics Association National Speech Tournament220

Competitor results

AFA-NST District II Qualifier - Final results
Hannah Marians1A - Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Hope Smothers1A - Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Hope Smothers and Syl Knauss1A - Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Natalie Parkhurst1B - Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Emma Ramsey2A - Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Grace Elkhal and Hope Smothers2A - Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Molly Mahoney2B - After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Molly Mahoney2A - Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Tess Frisque2A - Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Catie McCarty3A - Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Ellery Bloom3B - Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Danny Brady4B - Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Danny Brady4B - Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Emma Ford5A - Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Lauren Evans5B - Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Molly Mahoney5A - Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
American Forensics Association National Speech Tournament - Final results
Hope Smothers1Prose Interpretation (PRO)Regular
Aaron Lutz5Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Regular
Aaron Lutz6Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Regular
Eden Kenney6Informative Speaking (INF)Regular
Hope Smothers6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Regular
Boxer Rebellion - Final results
Natalie Parkhurst1B - Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Tess Frisque1A - Open Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Ellery Bloom2B - Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Emma Ford2B - Novice Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Novice
Molly Mahoney2A - Open Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Molly Mahoney2A - Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Ellery Bloom3B - Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Novice
Molly Mahoney3B - Open Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Hannah Marians4B - Open Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Jack Norman4B - Open Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Jack Norman4A - Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Jack Norman5A - Open Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Molly Mahoney5B - Open After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Dugaw Smelt Classic & AFA DII Fall Qualifier - Final results
Catie McCarty and Eden Kenney1A - Open Duo Interpretation (DUO)Open
Ellery Bloom1B - Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Hope Smothers1A - Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Ruby Guzman1A - Open Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Danny Brady2A - Open Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Gavin Patchet2B - Open Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Jack Norman2A - Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Josie Stenzel2B - Open After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann2B - Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Tiani Ertel2A - Open Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Gavin Patchet3A - Open Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Gavin Patchet4B - Open After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Gavin Patchet4A - Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Grace Elkhal4A - Open Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Syl Knauss4B - Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann5A - Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann5A - Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Ellery Bloom6A - Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Josie Stenzel6A - Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Lauren Evans6A - Open Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Molly Mahoney6B - Open Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Fred Scheller Forensics Invitational - Final results
Aaron Lutz2B - Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Molly Mahoney6A - Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Gone Hollywood (Asynchronous) - Final results
Natalie Parkhurst2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Tiani Ertel4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Gone Hollywood (Synchronous) - Final results
Catie McCarty and Eden Kenney1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Open
Aaron Lutz2After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Eden Kenney3Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Hope Smothers3Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Ruby Guzman3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Josie Stenzel4Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann5Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Tiani Ertel5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Danny Brady6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Molly MahoneyFin.After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Hastings Bronco Bash (Asynchronous Half) - Final results
Tiani Ertel1Varsity DI (DI)Varsity
Aaron Lutz3Varsity INFO (INF)Varsity
Syl Knauss3Varsity POI (POI)Varsity
Josie Stenzel4Varsity POI (POI)Varsity
Tiani Ertel5Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
Danny BradyFin.Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
Hannah MariansFin.Varsity PER (PER)Varsity
Natalie ParkhurstFin.Varsity Prose (PRO)Varsity
MAFL #1 - Final results
Aaron Lutz2Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Eden Kenney2Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Grace Elkhal4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Danny Brady5Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Gavin Patchet5Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Gavin PatchetFin.Informative Speaking (INF)Open
MAFL #3 - Final results
Grace Elkhal2Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Danny Brady3Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Grace Elkhal3Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Tiani Ertel3Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Tess Frisque4Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Natalie Parkhurst5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Mahaffey Memorial Forensics Tournament - Final results
Aaron Lutz1A - Open Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Fernando Dzul Fisher and Johnny Nieters1Junior British Parliamentary (BP)Junior
Grace Elkhal1A - Open Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Grace Elkhal1A - Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Tiani Ertel1B - Junior Poetry Interpretation (POE)Junior
Ruby Guzman2B - Open Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Syl Knauss2A - Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Tiani Ertel2A - Junior Prose Interpretation (PRO)Junior
Catie McCarty3A - Junior Prose Interpretation (PRO)Junior
Grace Elkhal3B - Open Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann3A - Junior Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Junior
Tess Frisque3B - Open Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Hope Smothers4A - Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Hope Smothers4B - Open Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Molly Mahoney4A - Open After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Catie McCarty and Eden Kenney5B - Open Duo Interpretation (DUO)Open
Danny Brady5B - Open Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Eden Kenney5B - Open Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Hope Smothers5A - Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Josie Stenzel5A - Open After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Natalie Parkhurst5A - Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann5B - Junior Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Junior
Anne Smith6A - Junior Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Junior
Ellery Bloom6A - Junior Prose Interpretation (PRO)Junior
National Speech Championship 2022 - Final results
Aaron Lutz1Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Hope Smothers1Prose Performance (PRO)Varsity
Syl Knauss1Dramatic Performance (DI)Varsity
Aaron Lutz2Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Eden Kenney3Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Hope Smothers4Dramatic Performance (DI)Varsity
Hope Smothers and Syl Knauss4Duo Performance (DUO)Varsity
Gavin Patchet5Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Syl Knauss5Prose Performance (PRO)Varsity
NFA Championship Tournament 2022 - Final results
Aaron Lutz1Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Aaron Lutz1Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Alex Webb1Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Open
Hope Smothers2Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
OSU 2022 Virtual Speakeasy - Final results
Andrew Sheiman1A Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann1B Open Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Molly Mahoney2A Open Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Syl Knauss2B Open Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Josie Stenzel3B Open After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Josie Stenzel3B Open Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Molly Mahoney3A Open Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Tiani Ertel3B Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Tiani Ertel4B Open Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Danny Brady5B Open Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Ellery Bloom5A Open Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Molly Mahoney5B Open After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Steve Hunt Classic - Final results
Aaron Lutz1B-Senior Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Senior
Ellery Bloom1A-Novice Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Ruby Guzman1A-Junior Poetry Interpretation (POE)Junior
Alex Webb2Senior Lincoln-Douglas (LD)Senior
Eden Kenney2B-Senior Informative Speaking (INF)Senior
Emma Ramsey2A-Junior Persuasive Speaking (PER)Junior
Grace Elkhal2A-Senior Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Senior
Josie Stenzel2A-Senior After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Senior
Lauren Evans2A-Junior Poetry Interpretation (POE)Junior
Aaron Lutz3A-Senior Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Senior
Grace Elkhal3B-Senior Prose Interpretation (PRO)Senior
Hope Smothers3A-Senior Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Senior
Natalie Parkhurst3A-Junior Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Junior
Rosalie Zuckermann3B-Junior Prose Interpretation (PRO)Junior
Tess Frisque3A-Junior Poetry Interpretation (POE)Junior
Eden Kenney4A-Senior Persuasive Speaking (PER)Senior
Hannah Marians4A-Junior Persuasive Speaking (PER)Junior
Danny Brady5B-Senior Prose Interpretation (PRO)Senior
Gavin Patchet6A-Senior After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Senior
Gavin Patchet6B-Senior Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Senior
Gavin Patchet6A-Senior Persuasive Speaking (PER)Senior
The Halloween Thing - Final results
Catie McCarty and Eden Kenney1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Eden Kenney1Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Hope Smothers1Prose (Pro)Varsity
Aaron Lutz2Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Eden Kenney2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Grace Elkhal2Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Hope Smothers2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Aaron Lutz3Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Gavin Patchet3Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Hope Smothers3Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Aaron Lutz4After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Danny Brady4Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Kenneth Leja4Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Gavin Patchet5After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Ruby Guzman5Poetry (Poet)Novice
Tiani Ertel6Prose (Pro)Novice
VFL #3 - Final results
Anne Smith1Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Catie McCarty and Eden Kenney1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Danny Brady1Prose (Pro)Varsity
Eden Kenney1Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Gavin Patchet1Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Hope Smothers1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Rosalie Zuckermann1Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Rosalie Zuckermann1Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Aaron Lutz2Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Grace Elkhal2Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Jack Norman2Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Josie Stenzel2Program Oral Interp (POI)Varsity
Ruby Guzman2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Tiani Ertel2Prose (Pro)Varsity
Josie Stenzel3Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Molly Mahoney3After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Syl Knauss3Prose (Pro)Varsity
Ellery Bloom4Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Molly Mahoney4Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Catie McCarty5Prose (Pro)Varsity
Hope Smothers5Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
VFL #4 - Final results
Ellery Bloom1Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Gavin Patchet1After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Jack Norman1Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Josie Stenzel1Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Ruby Guzman1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Aaron Lutz2Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Anne Smith2Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Eden Kenney2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Rosalie Zuckermann2Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Syl Knauss2Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Danny Brady3Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Catie McCarty4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Emma Ford4Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Molly Mahoney4After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Molly Mahoney4Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Catie McCarty5Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Lauren Evans5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Natalie Parkhurst6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Virginia is for Lovers Spring GMU - Final results
Eden Kenney1Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Eden Kenney1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Eden Kenney1Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Gavin Patchet1Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Gavin Patchet1Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Grace Elkhal1Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Hope Smothers1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Hope Smothers1Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Eden Kenney2Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Grace Elkhal2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Grace Elkhal2Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Hope Smothers3Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Hope Smothers3Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Grace Elkhal4Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Jack Norman5Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
WI Love Fest- Alumni Tournament - Final results
Natalie Parkhurst2Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Aaron Lutz3After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Tiani Ertel3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Josie Stenzel4Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Tiani Ertel5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
WKU Fall Tournament 2021 IE Portion - Final results
Eden Kenney3Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Syl Knauss4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Danny Brady5Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Grace Elkhal5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Rosalie Zuckermann6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open

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